Aircraft management services offered by Tulip City Air Service enable you to enjoy the convenience and flexibility of owning an aircraft without having the administrative challenges and issues. Your people already have enough to work on keeping your company growing. Instead of learning how to manage the ownership and operational challenges, as well as all the legal requirements of the operation of an aircraft, let us help. Tulip City Air Service will manage as many of the following items as you would like:

Maintenance Tracking
Hiring / Training Flight Crews
Researching the Best Fuel Price at Destination Airports
Researching Insurance Rates
Cleaning (Interior & Exterior)
Fuel Discounts for Aircraft Managed by Tulip City Air Service

We also offer the option of putting some single-engine and most multi-engine aircraft on our Part 135 charter certificate. Doing this may help you offset some of the cost of ownership.

Tulip City Air Service, Inc. is a stable company with an excellent and longstanding reputation in the western Michigan aviation community, as well as throughout the United States. We have a dedicated staff working hard to provide you the best customer service experience possible.